Ready to Makeover Your Business in a BIG way?

Whether you are new to the Virtual Assistance Industry or have been a VA for quite some time already – You are reading this for a reason.  You’re ready.  You’re ready for some BIG changes. You’re ready to make a BIG impact.  You’re ready to step-up and play in the BIG leagues.  You’re ready for a VA Business Makeover.

Does This Sound Like You?
  • You’ve done admin work and have the skills to help others  – but you aren’t so sure how to turn those skills into a profitable, thriving business.
  • There must be a million tools & technologies out there?!?  And you’re a little confused about which ones you NEED to track time, get paid, share docs, and manage your biz like a pro.
  • Your brand is a little lifeless.  Or maybe a lot lifeless.  Perhaps even non-existent.  You want your branding to attract and impress potential clients.
  • Logos! Taglines! Elevator Speeches! Oh my!  You could use a little help here.  And some valuable advice from someone with a background in design. And now that you think about it, your Client Welcome Package could use a little work too.  You know you need to spiff it up…but you aren’t 100% sure how.
  • You want the good-lifefreedom to set your own schedule, play-time to spend with family,  and enough ‘moola’ to feel secure and make your life an absolute blast.
  • You’re tired of chasing clients (and your feet are sore too).  You shy away from attending networking events and wish you could stop hunting for clients and attract them to come to you instead.
  • The thought of doing a client consultation call leaves your stomach in knots and your fingernails bitten to the nub.  You wish there were some ‘tricks’ you could use to nail the consult call every time!
Sound Familiar?

Imagine you could find a step-by-step system to help you pull together all your greatness, instill you with confidence and package it all up into a profitable, client-attracting Virtual Assistance business?

Well today is YOUR Lucky Day!

 I am THRILLED to Introduce you to:


The Virtual Assistant Makeover


This is a jump- in and get dirty program where we will work together to cover the business tools and know-how you need to ‘makeover’ your biz.  You’ll walk away with the confidence to build your online enterprise and the smarts to take your work from ho-hum to HOLY COW!  With support, worksheets, inspiration and accountability, the Virtual Assistant Makeover can TRANSFORM your business!

What You Will Get:

  • My personal list of FREE ONLINE TOOLS that I use for myself and my clients to set up appointments, accept payment, share information, get things signed, streamline business systems, manage passwords and work effortlessly with clients 
  • Website do’s and don’ts.  Discover the items you must-have and the big no-no’s that should never show up on your website!
  • My own tried and tested tricks to nail your Client Consultation Calls and sign the client every time
  • All the knowledge and worksheets required to create a polished and professional Client Welcome Package 
  • You’ll write a  killer elevator speech that you can rhyme off with ease  the next time someone asks “So…what do you do?
  • The important difference between a logo and a brand and how you can implement BOTH to win clients
  • How to leverage your look to entice clients, leads and referrals
  • The know-how to utilize your creative side to market your business in a way that will get noticed!
  • My top 2 secret sources for FILLING your business with clients 
  • How to win them over at networking eventseven if you’re shy
  • Savvy Marketing Skills that will have high-paying clients lining-up to work with you
  • Skills and Confidence to write marketing materials that entice  people to read and connect with you
  • Impossibly easy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips to easily draw prospects to your website
  • Unique branding & marketing strategies that will give you instant credibility 
  • The top 3 ways you can make even more money for your business (beyond working one-on-one with clients)  Yep – I’ll show you how I make extra money for my biz…even while I’m nowhere NEAR my computer!
  • And lots more to ‘Makeover’ your biz!

What dollar value would you place on all that?  I’ve seen the insanely high price some business coaches are charging for their programs and I’d have to sell a kidney to pay for some of them!  I want the Virtual Assistant Makeover to be AFFORDABLE for anyone who wants to have their own business, work from the comfort of home and make a really GREAT living as a Virtual Assistant.

  I want this program to be AFFORDABLE for YOU.

Registration for the Virtual Assistant Makeover is coming again soon…scroll to the bottom of this page to get your name on the list to be ‘first to know’ when we run the program again!

Want a Sneak Peek at the Curriculum?

Here are the things we’re going to cover during each week of the Virtual Assistant Makeover Program:

Module ONE:  Basic Botox for Your Biz

m1To build a brilliant business you need to start with a rock-solid foundation.  This is where we begin. You’ll learn the must-have tools and technologies you need to have in place to run your business effectively and work seamlessly with clients from all over the globe.  Best of all, I’ve searched high and low for the best FREE resources that will make your business shine like a star – but won’t cost you a dime!


m2How you brand and ‘show-off’ your biz is the single biggest factor in determining who sticks around to check you out and who drops you faster than a hot potato.  Packed with brand-building content, this module teaches you how to create an impressive look and a unique vibe for your business that will get you noticed and remembered.

Module THREE:  Attract Clients

m3I will show you everything I did to grow my practice from just one client to waiting-list-only in less than a year. Finding decent, high-paying clients doesn’t have to be painful – it’s actually kinda fun!   Discover the surprising places you can access new clients – and how to attract them to want to work with YOU over any other VA out there.

Module FOUR:  Nip & Tuck Your Client Welcome System

m4Are you a nervous Nelly when it comes to client consults?  Sharpen your approach using my proven methods to blast through fear, banish shyness and sign new clients with confidence!  We’ll also dig into some worksheets to help you create or spruce up your own Client Welcome Package – with the high impact contents that score BIG points with clients.

Module FIVE:  The Promotion Potion

m5Marketing is the number one core skill that will determine whether you are a busy V.A. packed with clients or a lonely V.A. who’s not getting noticed by anyone. Learn the essential techniques you need to promote yourself and your business and generate a connection with hoards of potential new clients.

Module SIX: Make Money, Honey

m6Trust me – this module alone is worth the entire price of the course. Master the top 3 tactics to generate even more income for your business. Your business is capable of producing money even while you’re not working directly with clients.  I will totally show you how.

Here’s What’s Included:
  • Live 60 minute teleclasses (Starting Sept. 30th, 2013) packed with oodles of content plus time for Q&A
  • Permanent lifetime access to the private VA Makeover Facebook Page where you can mingle with other VA’s, post your questions and celebrate your successes along the way

  • Downloadable Worksheets, FUN Homework Assignments and nifty Bonuses to help Makeover your business in 6 weeks
  • Recordings of all classes. Yours to download and keep forever ‘n ever.

How About Some BONUS GIFTS?

Yup.  These amazing BONUS GIFTS are all yours at no extra cost when you register for The Virtual Assistant Makeover.  REALLY!

Virtual Assistantville

FREE Permanent Basic Listing for YOUR Business on Virtual Assistantville

THE Premium Virtual Assistant Directory,


LIVE Bonus Call: “10 Tips for Authentic Self Promotion” + Q&A

With Social Media Expert Luz Donahue,


FREE Self-Study Course “How to Market Your Virtual Assistance Business Using LinkedIn”

With Marketing & Business Expert for VA’s, Reese Ben Yaacov,

  • PLUS:  You’ll get 25% off ANY Subscription Level, EVERY month to have your business listed on the Premium Virtual Assistant Directory at
  • PLUS:  You’ll have Full Email Support for the duration of the course.  That’s right – send me a quick note, ASK ME ANYTHING and I promise to reply with an answer 
  • PLUS:  Enjoy forever, lifetime access to the BE BRAINY Facebook Group where you can access additional help, and connect  with other like-minded VA’s
How this Course Can (literally) Pay for Itself…

Here’s the Bottom Line.  The VA Makeover can literally PAY FOR ITSELF if you are able to…

…sign just ONE new client

…gain the CONFIDENCE required to raise your rates

…attract CROWDS of new prospects to your website

…implement ANY of my 3 Tactics to generate more income for your business


 When you really think about it – It’s a no-brainer!  If you completed ANY of these easy action steps after the program, you could EASILY gain back your initial investment and MORE.

What would it cost you NOT to take this course?  How much time researching?  How much in costly mistakes?  How many  weeks + months + years looking for good clients?  

You’re a smarty-pants.  You know that in order to make money and build a Brilliant Virtual Assistance Business, you MUST be willing to invest in yourself.  

The only question is… 

Are you Ready to Invest in YOUR business?

I know – it’s a steal right?  With all that content, the Ah-may-zing bonuses and the ability to make back your investment just by signing one single client?  Duh!

Invest with Total Confidence

Money Back Guarantee

I’m a huge believer in the power of the VA Makeover Program to transform your current business.  So much so,  that I’m willing to give you all your money back if you’re not satisfied.  If after 14 days in the program it  isn’t feeling like a good fit for you – just let me know.  If you can show me that you have completed the worksheets and participated in the live calls and you still aren’t happy with your results – then I will happily refund every penny of your investment. 


Check out What Other VA’s are Saying about my Programs:

“It was ALL value and totally worth it! I’m more confident as a VA and working on becoming the high skilled, specialized, techie VA I aspire to be!”

– Josia T.

“Lisa really gets Virtual Assistance and what it takes to be successful.  She brings her expertise to your business and helps you to move forward.  Her support has helped me to take action and attract new clients.  I would recommend her to any VA who wants to learn from a high-quality mentor who has done it herself.”

-Emily K.

“You’ve been my mentor, encourager and queen of VA’s. Thanks!  High-calibre”

-Jan U.

“I learned so much.  The advice is invaluable and I intend to use to the best of my ability to better myself.  I am very grateful. I would not hesitate to refer anyone who needs coaching.”

– Dima M.

“Lisa is a fantastic business strategist…she provided me with great ideas and helped me think outside the box!”

-Lisa K.

“You have a way of motivating your clients, which for me made me want to move forward with my business”

-Gladys O.

“I am ready to forge out on my own thanks to your support and knowledge.  Thanks Lisa!”

-Trudy D.

“Lisa was a great help to me. She was able to guide me on various questions that I had and I found her to be very informative.”

-Mary L.


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